Our Story

Jim Schwartz (M1), born and raised in Dallas, TX received his first guitar at age 8 from his dear Uncle Ben, owner of a Ross Avenue pawnshop in the early 60’s.  Some 50 years later he’s still rockin!  Firmly rooted in 60's and 70's "radio rock", Jim digs R&B, Soul, Jazz and the other styles that influence this era.

Jim's first band, The Invaders was formed in 1967 with his best friend (think G L O R I A) and thus began the journey that led to the formation of The Mazik Bros with Rusty in 2003.  Jim is the band's singing front man, the arranger and the spirited “percussive” guitarist behind the Mazik Bros. sound. 

Rusty Cooper (M2) has been playing guitar and digging that 60’s & 70’s sound since he was a lad in Rochester, New York.  His journey began playing guitar in his buddy Coz’s basement, surrounded by the sounds of Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, CSNY, etc.

Also passionate about the music of the 60's and 70's, it took 20 years before he crossed path's with M1 and that's when lightning struck.  Techno-Geek turned money guru; he knew not that he had been merely a Mazik in Training.  Rusty sings and serves up the tasty leads along with the other cool embellishments that define the Mazik sound.

Fate decided that Rusty & Jim should meet through their Hairdresser, which was curious considering that Jim has so little hair. The rest is legend!

Minnesota born Rob Shrell’s interest in percussion began in 5th grade and for the next decade, he played all percussion instruments in Concert, Orchestra, Marching and Jazz Bands.  Rob’s first real drum set was a Bar Mitzvah gift so, of course he had to join a rock band… PEARL.  Many gigs, venues and genres followed.
Post-college practical, he sold his drum set for seed money and it wasn’t until his own wedding reception in 1989, when he played with the stage band (surprising his wife’s family who didn't even know he played), that the penchant for percussion surfaced again. His enthusiasm was ripe when he crossed paths with Jim and Rusty personally, attending Mazik Bros. gigs, and making the case for them to add percussion.  Now he’s living the dream playing drums for a 60's and 70's cover band LIVE and LOUD!

Joel Futterman, by way of New York and Montreal, spent most of his formative years living life as a "Florida Gator".  Joel’s music journey started by mimicking his big brother’s piano lessons, and to no one's surprise, he eventually became a sight-reading keyboardist.

A career relocation to Texas in 2005 led him to meet Jim and Rusty, playing as an acoustic duet at a coffeehouse in 2007.  It was then he hatched his scheme to make his way into the band.  First, running sound at their gigs and then, at age 50, deciding to learn to play the bass guitar.  Three years later, with lots of practice, determination and guidance from his mentor and teacher Dwayne Heggar, Joel joined the Maziks in 2014!  The rest is a “work in progress”.